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Apps That Enlighten, Inspire and Enrich Your Life

By blending timeless wisdom, visionary thinkers and advanced technology, we make personal development mobile, immersive and accessible to all. 

So what does that actually mean?  Let’s break it down…

    • Timeless Wisdom/Visionary Thinkers – We’ve partnered with some of the world’s best-selling authors in the fields of success, relationships, health, wealth creation, spirituality and more.  Beloved master teachers like Louise Hay, Bob Proctor and Neale Donald Walsch, among others, lend their wisdom toward one simple goal: enriching your life.


    • Advanced Technology – Our animated meditation exercises slow your breathing in order to calm your body’s stress chemistry, allowing you to relax deeply.  Our cutting-edge audio brainwave technology helps you enter into a receptive state that allows you to absorb what you’re learning on a more profound level.  As new technologies emerge, we will continue to apply them to help further advance your growth and learning.
    • An Immersive Experience – Our apps offer you a rich, multi-sensory experience.  Using hypnotic music, cinematic sound and stunningly beautiful animations, each SuperMind app takes you on a transformative journey.


  • Accessible to All – While most people can afford to buy a book, the richest personal growth experiences often come through advanced courses, live seminars and coaching programs, which can cost hundreds, thousands, or even tens of thousands of dollars.  But mobile technology allows us to deliver our authors’ most sophisticated content either for free or at “app-friendly” prices, thus leveling the playing field and making vital, life-changing information available to everyone, everywhere.

Our mission is simple:  change the world… one person at a time.

SuperMind Apps was co-founded by New York Times best-selling authors Kathlyn & Gay Hendricks (Conscious Loving, Lasting Love, The Big Leap) and visionary filmmaker/entrepreneur Marc Rosenbush (Zen Noir).