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Terms of Use / Privacy


This website and the applications referenced herein are operated and wholly owned by SuperMind Apps, LLC. By using this website or any application from SuperMind Apps, LLC you agree to be legally bound by these terms. These terms may be updated by us occasionally without notice to you. You should review the website every now and then for changes to these terms.

To achieve the best results from the use of our applications we recommend wearing quality headphones.  When using an application, you should be in a location where you can safely relax, ideally without being disturbed. Do not drive or operate machinery while using this application.  While there are no foreseen adverse side effects for using SuperMind Apps applications, if at any point you believe that you feel that you are suffering from any adverse side effects relating to your use of the application you must stop using the application immediately.

Your use of this website and all SuperMind Apps applications is voluntary.  This website and our applications and their content are intended for educational/recreational purposes only and are not meant as a replacement for any therapy or treatment being received or prescribed, nor are they meant to guarantee a specific outcome in your life.  The depth of your experience from using the application may improve with continued use, but no effects are guaranteed.

Permitted Use:
By using this website or downloading or purchasing an SuperMind Apps application you shall be entitled to use of the website and/or application and their associated content as recommended above, and for your personal use only. You may not use the website or any of our applications or any of its content for any commercial purpose, i.e., you may not make available copies or play any of the content for clients or in a public setting. We reserve the right to suspend your use of the application at any time.

By using this website or any SuperMind Apps application, you agree to hold the owner, publisher, developer, and any of their agents or associates free of any liability for any effects that you experience or do not experience as a result of using the application.


We respect your privacy.  SuperMind Apps, LLC will never distribute your personal information to any third parties. This includes not only your email address but any other personal information you may input during your use of our apps or website. We reserve the right to change this policy in the future, but not without giving notice and providing individuals with the opportunity to opt-out. We do not track or monitor any one individual’s activity on the website.